7 reasons a Freedom Enclosed Cargo Trailer from Doubletake Trailer Sales is one of the top values on the market

7 reasons a Freedom Enclosed Cargo Trailer from Doubletake Trailer Sales is one of the top values on the market

Doubletake Trailer Sales is a renowned company famous for selling the quality product and services in terms of cargo trailers (let it be the horse trailer, concession trailer, construction trailer, or the motorcycle trailer, all can be attained under one roof). If you are in need of good trailers (that too in an affordable price) then refer to Doubletake trailers without a doubt and you will be amazed with their affordable prices and offers. They provide the best services in the USA (and at the borders of Canada) with their most reliable team.

Freedom enclosed cargo trailer is an unmatchable product of the Freedom Trailers, who are famous for providing the best cargo trailers in the Industry at the most competitive prices. They offer the liberty of custom requirement and the trailer is built accordingly

If you are looking to buy the best Enclosed Cargo Trailer, nothing can beat the Freedom trailers. Here are some benefits of buying the freedom’s Enclosed Cargo Trailer from Doubletake (for they are the best cargo dealers of the US).

  • Reliant at use

The enclosed cargo trailers are strong at the inner and outer body with great quality metal tubing used at all the frames of the walls and ceilings. This metallic body makes it reliable for all seasons to be used without damaging the inner storage no matter what. The material used is the American made axels by Dexter.

  • Moderate Pricing

Freedom Enclosed Cargo Trailer’s affordable pricing is the main factor which has made it attain a tremendous recognition in the market. The trailers are big spacious and start from a very reasonable price of $2000. You can easily buy it or avail its services according to your need and preference.


  • Versatility

Freedom Enclosed Cargo Trailers not only differ in pricing from each other but are also versatile in shape and properties. ‘Freedom 8.5×20 Enclosed Trailer Enclosed Trailers’ has 5200 lb tandem axles with Bright Anodized aerodynamic Header Cap, triple tube tongue, square tube construction, 48″ RV style side door, silver wheels, 6’6″ interior height, roof vent, 12v lights, LED tail lights, 3/8 walls and 3/4 floor, and a 6 Year Factory Warranty. While there are other models like ‘6 wide tapered front enclosed trailer’, 8.5 X 24 Plus V-Nose Enclosed Trailers, and Freedom 8.5×24 Car Hauler Enclosed Trailers. Each has a different build and a different purpose of usage.

  • Mode of dealing

It is very much essential to involve a reliable dealer who can deliver you the product in the most reliable way, such trusty dealers are the ‘Doubletake Trailers’, who provide the best dealing and delivering services. It is not a problem if you are not ready to drive the trailer, Doubletake will deliver the ordered trailer at your doorstep with little charges.

  • Warranty

Doubltake deals in delivering the right thing with warranty in order to serve the customers well. The enclosed cargo trailer has a warranty of 5 years at-least, making it achieve more hype in the cargo Industry.

  • Great Customer services

From the affordable prices to the deliverance of the huge trailers at the door step, Doubletake takes great care of your buying and does not leave you unimpressed from offering such ethical and caring services.

  • All over US and Canada border

7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Horse Trailer

7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Horse Trailer


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a horse trailer is safety. If your horse trailer is not worthy of the road, you could put both you and your horses in danger, not to mention everyone else on the road. Blown tires have resulted in the death of many horses, so do not cut corners when deciding whether your horse trailer is worthy of the road or not.



  1. Nature of horses


Horses are prairie creatures that are designed for life in open spaces. Horses are claustrophobic by nature, so more space, light and ventilation in the trailer, less stress on the horse and the facts are that most horses are very sensitive to dust and noxious gases. The horses are large and strong animals and the equipment you carry with them is heavy. Therefore, the design of the trailer must be able to withstand kicking, rough loading and even a fallen horse. When loading the horses make sure that they are driven in the trailer with straight load and tied forward. This is the direction in which you will travel comfortably.

  1. Security Ties


Make sure the trailer has proper safety loops, in the form of tie rings, chest bars, rods and dividers, you need to make sure the horse does not attempt to cause damage or escape while on the road. These must be firmly attached to the inside of the trailer, with no sharp edges prominent for the horse to be injured.



  1. Your needs


Lastly, do not forget to think about your own needs when buying a horse trailer. So, for example is the trailer going to be used for long journeys? Do you need it to include a costume for the shows? Do you need a crib to sleep? Is your current vehicle going to be able to easily pull the trailer? Is there room to store your computer too? Cargo trailers are different from horse trailers and so is their uses.



  1. Use of aluminum trailers


Aluminum has become very popular for use in the frame and body of horse trailers in recent years. Aluminum trailers tend to cost more in advance, but generally they maintain their value better over time than steel trailers. The main disadvantage of steel is weight, but since less steel is needed for strength than aluminum, a steel trailer can be compared very favorably to aluminum with respect to weight. The fact is that aluminum must be thicker than steel to be so strong, therefore, an all aluminum trailer is not always lighter than a trailer made of other material. Repairs to aluminum trailers can be more difficult because aluminum welding is more difficult than welding steel. So before selecting an aluminum trailer consider all the disadvantages.


  1. Need a gooseneck?


Goosenecks are usually larger trailers and can carry more weight. Goosenecks are also easier to maneuver and make backups. Gooseneck trailers offer excellent towing stability and easy maneuverability when towing or parking and come in 6′ or6’ 8 “wide models. Beloved for its stability in the road and soft ride. For more than two horses, a gooseneck is the best choice.


  1. Do you need a stronger vehicle?


Not all trailers fit with every vehicle, so it is best to check this out beforehand. The owners budget, the use of the trailer, the size of the trailer, the type of trailer and the towing vehicle to be used are all factors that must be addressed, and not particularly in this order. Buying a trailer that has more than two horses requires a sturdy trailer vehicle, so you will spend more money not just for the trailer, but for the truck needed to pull. There are more vehicle options for a tag-along trailer, which means there is also a better chance of choosing the wrong one. If the tow vehicle is properly graded and equipped with the proper hitch, a two-horse trailer with tag along the chain can be as safe as a gooseneck.


  1. Used or New Trailers

I prefer new trailers to used ones. However, this opinion can differ from people to people. There are many things to look for in buying used trailers and you will need the services of a specialist. With new trailers, you have nothing to worry about. Also see our other articles on horse trailers


These are some of the 7 things you need to have in mind while purchasing a new Trailer. You can visit websites like DoubleTakeTrailerSales to see more samples.

Choosing the Right Horse Trailer to Fit Your Needs

Choosing the Right Horse Trailer
to Fit Your Needs


When it comes to choosing the right horse trailer that would be perfect for the horse, as well as for you; you should choose it wisely. How do you do that? Simple. Just spend a minute or two by reading this article, and you’ll know which type of trailer suits you best:

Choosing the Right Horse Trailer

There are three most common trailers you’ll see in town, whether you want a solo horse trailer, or want to up your game by buying a two-horse or three-horse trailer.


Here are the types:

Step-Up Trailers

These trailers are the most common horse trailers you may find in the market. Step-up trailers are ideal for loading the horse but when it comes to unloading it, that’s another story. These trailers can also make the horse vulnerable to slips and it can also leave it panicked if the horse doesn’t find the ground to land easily.


To eliminate that risk, it’s ideal to add a ramp to step-up trailers or avoid buying one in the first place. Be sure to buy a ramp that’s long rather than short, and has a non-slippery surface, offers a gradual slope and is assisted by springs.

Slant-Load Trailers

Slant-load trailers are one of the best horse trailers because they provide the horse to go inside and come outside head-on. This is because slant-load trailers have a much wider width than step-up trailers. Most horse trailer dealers like DoubleTake Trailer Sales offer up to 6.8 feet wide trailers and up to 7 feet tall ones too. With so much space inside, the horse also feels a lot easier to rest, turn around and go in and out quickly.

Straight-Load Trailers

If you’re looking to opt in two-horses in one trailer then straight-load trailer might be the ideal buy. These trailers allow the horse to extend their neck as they have a stall length of up to 8 feet. However, you won’t find stall length greater than that as Federal Law limits it to 8 ½ feet, which is why these might not be the trailers you’re looking for.

Tips Before Buying the Right Horse Trailer

If you’re looking for factory direct horse trailers such as calico ones, you should consult with a dealer that is authorized to sell such brands. DoubleTake Trailer Sales might be a good option if that’s what you’re after.


DoubleTake Trailer Sales offer one of the most reliable rates on horse trailers.


They also offer electric brakes on both axles (for added safety) and have standard 6.6 feet tall and 6 feet wide horse trailers as well as those that are ideal for drafts or taller horses too. But before buying the right trailer, you should take notice whether you’d need a tack room in your trailer or not.


If you do need it, you should know what kind of tack room, either with a solid wall or a swing wall would be a better option for you. We’d recommend choosing the solid wall tack room since it provides better weatherability. However, if you want a versatile tack room, then a swing wall would be a better choice.


That’s it! Now you know the very basics of buying the horse trailers. For more information, you can consult with DoubleTake Trailer Sales and you can also get a free quote from them to have a rough idea of how much the trailer would cost you.

Selecting a Cargo Trailer

Selecting a Cargo Trailer

Choosing the best cargo trailer for one’s need can be a very daunting task especially when one stops to consider the broad range of choices and options available on the market. While it is true that many trailers can readily be customized from their default positions, it is still best to start out with a model that fits one’s intended uses and customize that design from that point on. With Doubletake Trailer you are assured of the best services at affordable and reasonable services.

If you are looking for the best cargo trailer dealer in the USA, look no further. You have just found a team of professionals that will go the extra mile to help you not only before the sale but also after the sale if ever needed.  Our services are second to none when compared to other cargo trailer dealers, our team of professionals will handle your trailer delivery with the greatest dexterity yet to be seen.

At Doubletake Trailers, our goal Is not to provide you with cheap low-quality trailers but to “Provide you a Trailer that is the best value for your money. We want to be your cargo trailer dealer now and for many years to come. We take pride in our team of experienced professional who distinguishes us as one of the best cargo trailer dealers in the USA. Our team is cautious when carrying your trailer to ensure that it is delivered without damage.

Our Services

Our services include purchase and delivery of cargo trailers, Hauling trailers directly from factory to your location at reasonable price, delivery to all cities in the USA and your border of Canada, Affordable and Reasonable prices suited for any of your need, Standard 5 year warranty and financing, 100% customers satisfaction. These excellent services place us high among other cargo trailer dealers in the USA.

Our Premium Service Features Includes

  • 16″ on center wall and Ceiling Framing
  • Standard 5 year factory warranty
  • Direct factory purchase
  • Trailer financing

Products We Deliver

Doubletake Trailer Sales proudly carry trailers from some of the top builders such as Freedom Trailers, Diamond cargo trailers. We deliver to all cities in the USA and offer factory direct pickup options for eastern customers and also transport to the border for our clients in Canada. Products we deliver include Concession Trailer, Custom Trailer, Construction Trailer and much more.

We also deliver the Enclosed Trailer which is the first and most common kind of Cargo Trailer at Reasonable and Affordable Price. The Enclosed Trailer is the best choice for protecting cargo that is particularly valuable or for keeping vulnerable or fragile cargo safe. Some cargo cannot be exposed to elements such as wind, rain, and heat these kinds of cargo should only be stored in enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers also provide security because its function as a portable, lockable storage building

We Are the Best Cargo Trailer Dealer

Purchasing a quality cargo trailer can be a difficult task, Doubletake Trailer excellent sales team will handle your trailer purchasing to satisfaction, and our delivery team Technique is number one in the USA. We guarantee the safety of your product.

Trailer towing part 2

Part 2 of our towing safety series Not checking tire pressure

No one wants a blown tire, especially when you are hauling animals or other heavy, and sometimes expensive items for work or recreation. Lost time for repairs is often also lost money. To help avoid this mishap from making you a victim while you are on the road, always be sure to check your trailer’s tire pressure before heading out. Tires are affected differently by frequent use than they are by long periods of disuse, so don’t assume that your trailer’s tires are always good to go without at least a quick pressure check. Don’t leave it to chance! Just a couple minutes to check pressures could save you hours of costly repairs on your trailer

8 x 16 Red Concession Trailer with 2 Serving Windows

Towing a Trailer

For some of you this could very well be your first time owning and towing a trailer, so it is possible that you may not know good practices or what mistakes to avoid. So we are going to offer some friendly advice in a five part series covering some common areas if you are willing to follow these guidelines and put in some practice, we feel you will be comfortable towing your trailer in a short time.

Today, we will be looking at one of the biggest towing mistakes and how to avoid doing this on your next trip.

Towing too much weight

When you purchased your trailer, you may not have paid too much attention to the weight capacity—that is, the greatest amount of weight your trailer can safely hold. Lots of people forget to subtract the weight of the trailer off of their axle rating. However, this is actually one of the most important parts of towing safety! Never exceed the limit of what your trailer can carry so that you can avoid brake and tire problems and also axle and other safety hazards while out on the road.

While we’re discussing weight, it’s also worth mentioning your vehicle’s towing capacity. This is the greatest weight that your car or truck can tow, so it’s another number you have to keep in mind when deciding how much to bring along with you on work calls or family trips. You can typically find this number in the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle.

If your needs have changed and you need to upgrade to a stronger trailer with a greater capacity, we can help you pick out the one that’s best for you and your needs. Make the upgrade so you can avoid risking damage to your trailer as well as the safety of yourself and others on the road whenever you are towing on the roads.

Stay safe everyone and follow our page for our next segment coming soon

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